Copyright Registration in India. What is protected under copyright registration ?

Copyright Registration in India.  What is protected under copyright registration ? Copyright Registration. The original work of an author is registered under copyright. The work which is included under the purview of copyright is vast. All types of artistic work in different field of expertise can be registered under copyright. So lets discuss what can be registered under copyright. 

Logos of a company or brand is an artistic work thus falls within the purview of copyright registration. The author of a book, novel, story, poem, essay, articles of newspaper or project work are all brought within the purview of copyright registration. Shortly all types of literary work is copyrightable. Also a website content of an individual or company is subjected to copyright registration.

According to the nature of copyright the registration of copyright is classified.Lets take the most common nature of a copyright registration is the artistic work. Under this category the following this are included logos, painting, photos, cartoon images, pictures etc are protected under copyright registration.Second most common thing is literary work like book, novels, stories, script, lyrics, poem, course materials, concept implementation etc are protected under literary work of copyright registration.

Then some other types are audios, music, videos, cinematography, film, ads, program telecasted on channels, animation works, graphic works etc are protected under copyright registration.The most important of this are all types of software programmes in India are registered under copyright registration. The software programmes are considered as a part of literary work but while registration it is registered quite different from that of a literary work.

The most important of all these is that all of the works which is protected under copyright must be the original work of the author or the creator of the copyright work. Also unless the author or creator protects his work under copyright no one else can protect him infringement. Every now and then the newly created work is being copied and published for once own commercial gain or for fame. Hence every author or creator has to realise the importance of one work and protect the same under Intellectual property registration such as copyright registration.


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