Trademark Registration fees

Trademark Registration Fees in India

In India the trademark registration office assumed its exclusive importance after the International Treaty of Intellectual Property called TRIPS was enacted globally. Before this period along with other Govt Registration offices this trademark registration office was give a separate room with a single person as in charge for the filing. 

At that point of time the Govt fee for registration of Trademark was only Rs.3,00/-. But after the Treaty of TRIPS enacted by International bodies, there were four zonal office established in four major cities namely Mumbai , Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai. At that initial period the Govt fee for filing of trademark registration was Rs.2500/- form 2002. 

This trademark registration earned a lot of revenue to Govt.Also there was a separate fee for search of the trademark names by paying Rs.4,00/- to registry with a password to access Govt Registry database for 15 minutes.But recently in 2010 January the Govt fee was again revised from Rs.2,500/- to Rs.3,500/-.Even though the fees for registration of Trademark got increased the trademark database of Govt for trademark search was made free. Hence like other developed countries where the trademark search is open data for search, our country has also made the trademark database for search free.

Rohini Arivazhagan
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